Why You Need Email Marketing In Your Marketing Management Strategy

email marketing uk works. It has a better return on investment (ROI) than other marketing channels. In 2022, it is still effective and considered one of the best marketing strategies. 

• 29% of British marketers consider Email Marketing to be the most effective marketing channel. That is comparable to 25% for social media, 25% for content marketing, and 22% for SEO.

• 93% of business-to-business marketers use email for distributing their content while 72% of clients prefer using email for business communication.

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Better ROI

Email marketing makes money and that is the core reason it should be part of your marketing management strategy. For every one dollar you spend, you should expect an average ROI of $37. This is higher than what you can get  from other channels.

Email Grows Your Business

According to 80% of marketers, email marketing facilitates customer acquisition and retention. That means that customers will come to you for a particular need and they will remain loyal to you. If you want to grow your business, you need loyal customers. If your business is not growing, it is dying. Business growth should not be the exception but the norm. 

Email Marketing Is Effective at Driving Sales than Social Media Marketing

The reason for doing marketing is to drive sales or else the marketing will not make sense. You require a strategy with the potential to drive the most sales. You can combine several strategies.

Social media marketing is a vital tool for growing your business. However, when it comes to driving sales, it cannot compete with email marketing UK. 60% of consumers interviewed said they purchased something because of a marketing email they received. On the other hand, 12.5% of consumers said they'd consider clicking on the 'buy' button on social media.

Social media is important for popularizing your business but the gold standard of maximizing your sales involves getting people to sign up for your email list.

Email Marketing is Smarter and Saves You Time 

The ability to utilize automation makes email marketing smarter. A simple automation can involve a welcome email being sent to anyone who subscribes to your list. You can set an automation that sends an email reminder to customers who abandon their carts or have not completed shopping. 30% of marketers surveyed indicated the biggest benefit of marketing automation is the time saved.

Personalization & Segmentation makes Email Marketing More Effective

Through email segmentation, you will achieve more effective marketing. Segmentation will allow you to send varied content to different segments which will make your emails more relevant and personal to your audience.

Low Cost

Email marketing has a lower cost compared to other channels. You might only need to pay for specialist software that you will use for automating, tracking, and evaluating your emails.

The Bottom-Line

Why is email popular? It is because email marketing=ROI. You can use it for multiple purposes and it converts.
You don't need a huge team or lots of technicalities to get started. You can set up your first email campaign using fancy templates that are readily available online.